Sweet Pinki :

Right from shoes , to frocks , Jeans , T shirts and various other dresses , one gets thousands of varieties for women’s dresses. ( This is applicable to panties and bras also ). As against Mens shoes are almost same , they have same type of trousers , shirts and suits. Why it is so ? Are women by design supposed to wear more attractive clothes to catch attention of men ?
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Not only attire but women have thousands of hairstyles and make up possibalities. Men have much less hairstyles and virtually no make up.

firefly :

I want this dress for a convention but they don’t have my size in stock. Has anyone seen something like it somewhere? The color scheme is important – but anything in that general style (not too flowy/formal). Thanks!


I don’t really like Forever 21 – no offense I am just not impressed with the quality.
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free.2.be. :

I like to draw clothes as a hobby so for my wedding I designed all of the bridesmaids dresses to tailor to each of my bridesmaid’s body type. However, one of my bridesmaids does not like the design I drew for her. She is not exactly on the small side and she wanted me to redesign the dress in a way the would not be flattering to her. (Think strapless on a woman with large arms and the dress I designed for her has elbow length sleeves.)

How could I explain to her why I chose that specific design without hurting her feelings?
I am paying for the dresses and the dresses are the same color and similar design. My sister has a spaghetti strap while my other friend has a halter design, for example

And thank you for the well wishes and advice! :-)

A B B Y № 9 ♥ :

I am an ameteur designer and would like to post my design sketches and pictures of the garnments online, preferably on my own website. I really need a name for the site though.

I love designing dresses and women’s separates, if that helps you.
I’m thinking all mod cons. or something along that. I think I’ll submit this in Adolescent as well.
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*Miss_Autumn* :

Meanwhile trying to find any other style is like finding a needle in a haystack unless you design it yourself and have a local seamstress assemble it for you?

chx951 :

I am going to a costume party with a cross dressing theme so I have to dress like a woman. There are prizes for the people who look most realistic as the opposite gender so I want to make it a good costume and try to look like an attractive woman! Can you suggest clothes I can buy online and also give me advice on hair, make up, shoes and any other accessories I would need to pull this off? 10 points for the most helpful answer, thanks.

find_out_how :

Preferably in the Dallas or Houston (Texas) area. I am interested in companies who work with people in either of these areas.

Nikki R :

All of my bridesmaids are shaped differently. From tall and skinny to short and chunky! No Discrimination!! :-) And I would like for the dresses to be the same color and design, but I want everyone to feel comfortable in their own style of a dress. Any Help?! Thanks!!
Thank you loves!

Stephanie B :

It is interesting that women can choose to wear pants, skirts or dresses! But men do not get this choose, why not allow some type of skirts or dress designed for men(I do not mean a kilt) that would allow men to have these same choices that a women have.

Diamond :

My friend run a boutique, she also design clothes, where to get the latest and old designs of north indian pattern like punjabi etc.

is it hard to design a dress that shows women’s curve?

Nicole Washman : http://whi.s3.prod.lg1×8.simplecdn.net/images/905396/Hilda36-723996_large.jpg?1256781336
i want to make a dress like this,white,lace,higher than knee
and i want to show the curve of female body
but its pretty hard,because every female has different body measurement
I want to design a dress lik the pin-up girl kind
you kno those dresses are tight and shows women’s curve
is it hard to design a [...]

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Where in the Los Angeles area is the best place to buy top-quality fabric?

ace : Fashion designer from South America who designs women’s dresses is coming here on a buying trip for the first time.

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